Introducing a rebirth of our classic silhouette with its recognizable features. The Signature 'M' Case is an elevated form for all means of travel for the citizens of the world who pack in bulk. Its regular features encompass 360 Degrees Japanese Hinomoto wheels that have you streamlining through all surface types—engineered for the longevity of any long-haul journey. Durable and resistant polycarbonate shell, aluminum alloy corner plates to ensure mobility for all means of movement. A push and release braking system allows for comfort knowing your luggage won’t run away from you anytime soon. The “M” case has a volume of 70 Liters making it the ideal suitcase for your longer duration journeys without the bulk look of a large suitcase due to our streamlined design and is the first of our check in case series. 


  • Durable and resistant polycarbonate shell
  • 69cm L x 44cm W x 28cm D
  • Total Capacity of 70L
  • Signature light-reflecting ridge design 
  • Curved aluminium alloy bumpers, trolley, and embossed logo
  • Rubber foot stalls for side-bump protection
  • Water-tight and weather-resistant rubber seal
  • Multi-stop telescopic handle (3 heights) with comfort rubber grip
  • TSA-approved unique lock key design
  • Japanese Hinomoto 360 degree run-silent wheels
  • Push and release easy-brake system 
  • Easy-organise and wrinkle-reducing inner clip-on compression pad 
  • Cowhide leather stitched logo


  • Outer: Durable and resistant polycarbonate shell, aluminium alloy corner plates, and trolley system with hard plastic handles and Japanese Hinomoto Wheels.
  • Lining: Soft-to-touch peach fur interior lining
  • Trimmings: Cowhide leather interior fittings. 
  • Zippers: Gunmetal