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Questions relating to our Lifetime Guarantee, Returns and Repairs can be found below.

Lifetime Guarantee 

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General Questions

How do I place an order online?

To begin shopping on, first, choose your preferred delivery country/region. You can do this by selecting "Ship To" at the top of the website or at the bottom of the page if you're using a mobile device. Browse through our categories, from luggage to accessories, or utilize the search bar and filters to locate the perfect item for your needs. Once you've found what you're looking for, simply click on "Purchase" on the product page to add it to your cart. For a faster and smoother checkout experience, we encourage you to create a AIDAN account. This will also grant you access to all the information regarding your order. In the checkout process, you'll need to: Provide delivery information, including shipping and billing address, and select your preferred delivery method. Complete the payment process. Review your order to ensure all details are accurate. Agree to the terms and conditions. After completing your purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation email containing all relevant details. Additionally, you'll receive another email once your order has been shipped

How can I select my preferred delivery country/region?

To select your preferred shipping country/region, click on "Ship To" located at the top left of the website. On mobile devices, you can find this button at the bottom of the menu. Please ensure that the delivery address corresponds to the country/region selected in the "Ship To" option.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

You can modify or cancel your order before it has shipped by reaching out to our Client Service team - However, please note that changes can only be made to a different item at the same or lower price as the original. Once your order has shipped, modifications or cancellations are no longer possible, and we cannot alter the shipping address. However, you can process a return and place a new order if needed.

Promotions, sales and discounts?

We run online and promotions throughout the year. To be notified of when promotions go live, please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop with all things AIDAN Simply head to and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will then find a sign up field to enter your email address. While discount codes are not frequently offered by us, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter for stock updates, exciting promotions, and exclusive news. Please be aware that AIDAN reserves the right to verify the eligibility of discount codes and does not assume responsibility for any incorrect codes obtained from sources outside of our own marketing materials.

Where can I buy AIDAN products from?

You can buy AIDAN products online from our website As we continue our retail and wholesale expansion, new stockists will soon become available.

Where does AIDAN ship from?

AIDAN ships from our DC in Hong Kong or Melbourne, Australia.

Does AIDAN ship Worldwide?

AIDAN ships worldwide.

How long does shipping take worldwide?

Shipping varies worldwide however as a basis, standard shipping takes between 5-7 days and express shipping takes anywhere between 3-5 days. Please note there are times where courier delays occur and we strongly advise to consider this when placing your order. AIDAN is not responsible for any delays and the courier should be contacted directly using your tracking number which is sent to your email address you used when you first placed your order.

What courier service does AIDAN use?

UPS, Fedex, Australia Post, DHL and USPS.

Where's the rest of my order?

If items seem to be missing, but tracking indicates your package has been delivered, it's also likely that your order is being delivered in multiple parts. For example, article 1 of 2 may be delivered, whilst article 2 of 2 is currently still in transit. Be sure to double check your tracking information to confirm whether all items have been delivered. Boxes can sometimes be separated during the transit with the courier, but they are often not too far behind.

Nested Items: If you believe your order might be incomplete, we suggest checking inside the larger items to verify if the smaller products are nested within. For instance, if you've purchased a Checked Plus bundle, the accompanying Carry On may be nested inside the Checked Plus suitcase. To minimize the number of packages in transit, we often nest smaller items within our larger products whenever feasible.

Split Deliveries: We aim to ship your orders from a single location whenever possible. However, there may be instances where stock is not available at one facility. In such cases, we may ship different items from separate facilities based on stock availability. If you notice that you haven't received all your tracking information, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness Team. They'll be happy to assist you further at

Personalized Items: If your order includes personalized items, we may proceed to dispatch the non-personalized items first while we work on the monogramming for you. Please be aware that personalization may require an additional 7-12 business days for processing before shipment if items are in stock. If this time frame has elapsed, feel free to reach out to our team for further assistance.

What if my order is damaged or lost during transit?

If your package has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please contact the shipping carrier directly to seek a resolution. AIDAN is not responsible for items once the product leaves our warehouses as the control is simply out of our hands. All items before leaving our warehouse are inspected thoroughly before transit.

How do I look after my AIDAN product?

To make sure the longevity of your suitcase and accessories continue to remain, care must be taken into consideration and the following information can be used to help maintain It’s pristine condition. When removing dust or dirt, please use a fine cloth and warm water if necessary. If there is any sticky residue from your travels, use a damp cloth or sponge with a small amount of alcohol such as isopropyl. This is safe to use on both Aluminium and Polycarbonate surfaced luggage. If there are any scratches or scratched dents within the suitcase shell or corner surfaces or frame, using a simple grade polish with a damp cloth is recommended. For the interior of the luggage, to remove smudge marks, or any other scuff marks, please use a damp cloth with warm soapy water to remove. If the mark continues to be persistent, we recommend using a mild leather, carpet or suede cleaning agent since the interior is comprised of a suede peach fur material. Please note solvents, vinegars, aggressive alcohols and other abrasive cleaning agents will damage your products and we strongly recommend not using any of these items as your lifetime guarantee will not be able to be applied due to cosmetic misuse, wear and tear.