Founded in 2020, AIDAN is a product and lifestyle brand encompassing the design nuances of New York and the fundamentals of Australian culture. Born from a creative vision discovered from absorbing culture, and a way of overseas living that intersects fashion, aesthetic, and design, AIDAN debuted in 2021 with its first wearable product line. Designed to be used, carried and worn by the people living and appreciating the lifestyle we live by at AIDAN.

AIDAN is at once a lifestyle, and a destination. For the generation that lives and breathes the product and presentation obsession.

We live in a new-school nostalgia state of mind. And we would love you to come and join us.


The suitcase is perfect. I've used some big brand, high-end luggage in my travels but the Aidan case immediately felt better to use, to look at and to wear- the wheels are slick to run, and each feature is just beautiful, in function, purpose and design. A cut above the rest."