Vogue Australia - AIDAN

Vogue Australia

AIDAN was featured in Vogue Australia’s 2021 article promoting airport accessories that are worth the investment. The feature article explains the concept behind AIDAN’s timeless and sleek design, and why it appeals to the modern traveler.


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Coachella Backpack & Necessities - AIDAN

Coachella Backpack & Necessities

By Aidan Walsh

Coachella is right around the corner, and we have released the perfect bag just in time. Introducing The Signature Backpack! This bag has a light-weight...

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AIDAN x Wateraid - AIDAN

AIDAN x Wateraid

By Aidan Walsh

AIDAN was featured in an article written by Wateraid, explaining the reasons behind our partnership. Aidan Walsh, Founder, explains “I always wanted to align with...

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