Coachella Backpack & Necessities

Coachella is right around the corner, and we have released the perfect bag just in time. Introducing The Signature Backpack! This bag has a light-weight and compact design and an enduring structure. We guarantee it will stand the test of time, and accompany you throughout this festival season. 

To soak up the Coachella atmosphere, and all it has on offer, it’s best to be comfortable. That is why we have created a backpack with adjustable straps, allowing for the bag to be carried in any way. Made from eco-friendly material and embossed in a printed coat, the backpack is water resistant and durable. It is the ultimate bag to withstand the desert weather. 

A portable charger is a MUST. We have developed the perfect portable charging pack, to ensure you will never be caught short. The AIDAN Stay Live Battery Pack will give you up to two additional full charges on your device. With an aluminium bodied finish, it is built to withstand all the wear and tear of the festival.

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