By putting out products into this beautiful world, we are responsible for their impact. AIDAN is not yet a sustainable fashion brand. But we are doing our best, and will continue to improve, reducing the impact we have on this earth, socially and environmentally.

To start, we don’t believe in, or make, fast-fashion products. Our suitcases, bags and travel accessories are designed to go the distance. That is part of our ethos. We want you to treasure and use your pieces for years to come, so that we don’t become part of the cycle of fast-consumption. Our pieces are not trend-based, and we have not incorporated technologies that may be outlawed by airlines in the future. 

On a production-level, we know we have work to do. We vow to be transparent with our community as we go along this journey.


Growing up in a country like Australia, and having a strong personal connection to water and the sea, WaterAid is a cause that is close to our heart. WaterAid enables the world's poorest people to gain access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, allowing them to unlock their potential. 

We have a crisis on our hands - 785 million people worldwide live without clean water close to home. And 2 billion people do not have a decent toilet of their own. This should not be the norm. 

By donating to, partnering with and shining a light on this incredible cause, AIDAN is helping change lives and make a lasting difference.


We are delighted to support WANA, a non-profit founded by dear friend Ugo Mozie, that is on a mission to reshape the perception of the world  towards Africa, and supporting the upcoming generation of innovation and entrepreneurs across the continent to reach their potential. 

As a brand that's ethos is built on creativity and innovation, AIDAN is eager to support WANA and see a shift, so that African children are given the same opportunities that we had, to innovate and bring their ideas to the world. 

We are inspired by Ugo, and the work he does. Surviving malaria as a child and launching his fashion label at 18, he has styled and worked with Celine Dion, Beyonce, Travis Scott and Justin Bieber. His story is an inspiration to African children wanting to make their own mark, and is what WANA is all about.