Since launching, AIDAN The Brand's focus has been to create more than just a travel range but to bring the narrative of the modern-day digital nomad whose life-is-on-the-go with its essential must-haves. All facets between fashion and culture inspire the AIDAN aesthetic. AIDAN curates you a range of cases, bags, and accessories, fostering a movement that focuses on design and aesthetics grounded in sustainability and social responsibility.

With core ethics steeped in doing better and a design that is built to last, AIDAN is a brand that is here for all seasons, created to be worn, carried, and loved many times over. 


We follow a drop model when releasing new products and only create exclusive suitcases and matching accessories. We do not tie ourselves to seasonal collections and believe in timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. Classic, clean silhouettes that will stand the test of time with a universal gender-neutral edge.

Collaboration and Partnership

Creative inspiration formed the basis of AIDAN, and is why from our outset we have exchanged open, honest conversations with brands and people we admire. 

AIDAN makes it a priority to only collaborate with people and brands who share the same mindset. However, we do not pander to the latest micro-trend designs, and subsequent quality decreases for the sake of a higher profit margin. That's why we are proud to have created an aesthetically timeless brand grounded in strong community and environmental values.

If your brand has adopted the same principles and is looking for a collaboration opportunity, please hit us up – we would love to hear from you.