"The brand aesthetic is timeless and informed by a strong legion of influences and aesthetics: ’90s street, and the hip-hop tracks and basketball fanfare that accompanied it, and the endearing irreverence of the golden aviation era, a time where folks took pride in how they styled. Two eras, united by presentation obsession, and product hype"



Helmed by eponymous founder Aidan Walsh, the brand is an expression of an inner creative vision born from relocating to work and live overseas and being inspired by an international way of living and consuming product that blurrs the lines of fashion, people, and culture.

The name 'AIDAN'—although initially unintentional—ties itself to its foundations, and calls out the brand's sense of personal emotion. From debut, AIDAN has not been just about selling cases, bags and accessories. Instead, it sits at the intersection of fashion, aesthetic, design, and culture, and ultimately, it sells a lifestyle.

With an ethos steeped in doing better with design that can collaborate, and that is built to last - AIDAN is a brand that is here for all seasons, and designed to be worn, carried, and loved by the crew with our attitude, and lifestyle.


Accessibility and flexibility are key at AIDAN. Curious and forever-interested in and inspired by cultural moments, trends that touch our core, and stories and movements that shape the world around us, AIDAN does not tie itself to seasonal collections, or forever locations (for now).

AIDAN has debuted online, in the here and now. Selling direct-to-the-Aidan-crew via an online store and

adopting a drop model when releasing new products.

Breaking down barriers of time and expectation, the brand evolves with technology and innovation, acutely aware that the only constant we can rely on is change.

And change is part of the generation AIDAN is here for.


Compelling collaborations are a key part of educating our consumer about just who we are. We believe deeply in the power of collaborating on ideas, and exchanging creativity and curiosities.

Creative inspiration from others was how AIDAN was first born, and is why we have from our outset exchanged in open, honest conversations with brands, and people we admire, to expand on the space, and lifestyle we are already in.

Starting with our Flagship Case, we are co-creating product with partners, people and brands whose only real common ground, is a shared mindset to use collaboration as a means of teaching our audience that a product is more than that, and can form part of a broader lifestyle.

With no end-in-sight, and at the beginning of our journey of collaboration, we place an emphasis on freedom and on trusting the process - not limited to any particular aesthetic, or to riffing on any of our product line and brand, or those that we may collaborate with.


With a commitment to learn, design, produce and eventually patent a piece of luggage unrivalled in the market, we saw a void for something that felt wearable and part of the lifestyle our Founder had developed. So we started with AIDAN's debut product: the Flagship Case.

The Flagship Case is refined, different, and a homage to the AIDAN lifestyle. It was designed to speak to the people who live or are also inspired like us by a lifestyle that intersects all aspects of culture. And at the same time looks good on anyone who carries it.

That attitude, and obsession with product and presentation, is a huge part of the AIDAN story and everything that the brand represents.

The Flagship Case contains a constant blueprint to the brand AIDAN is, and what we believe will be its future. Each conscious choice represents a unity of form and function and serves the crew wearing it.


The Flagship Case looks effortless, but deep down has detail and substance that the AIDAN consumer can relate to. We keep it super minimal and nothing’s forced.

The horizontal ridges that course through the case's strong outer shell, were inspired by a photography class Aidan took in NYC. Learning about the way that light can be captured on camera when it hits streamed lines, that effect is translated to product form: a striking design that causes a visual stir.

The Flagship Case has an inside that counts - a fuzzy peach-fur interior that feels like it's from another era - soft to the touch, and comforting, in the same way the brand's nostalgia visually hits you with a ton of emotion.