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“Our mission is to make luxury more accessible to the modern traveler”

— Aidan Walsh, Founder


We are AIDAN. A luxury travel brand inspired by the timeless travel aesthetics of yesteryear, and guided by a desire to explore the world with luggage that looks and feels as dreamy as the destinations we have journeyed to. 

When we couldn’t find the luggage to take us there, we set out to build what was missing. A first-class suite of luggage, bags and accessories - with the bold design nuances of New York, an Australian sense of adventure, and a global mission to make luxury more accessible to the modern traveler. 


Drop culture

Accessibility and flexibility are key at AIDAN. We are curious and forever-interested in and inspired by cultural moments, trends that we vibe with, and stories and movements that shape the world around us. For that reason, we don’t desire to be tied to seasons or collections, instead adopting the “drop” model when releasing new products.

Our model serves our mission to deliver accessible and design-led luxury, breaking down barriers of time and expectation, and allowing our brand and products to evolve with technology, and our own innovation. 

We know our style, and we know what we like, but we also know that the only constant is change, and that excites us. 


AIDAN X White Label 

Part of the beauty of our luggage design, is that it can be seen as a blank canvas. With their sleek lines, pared back colour palettes and timeless attitude, our suitcases can go it alone, or be brought to life in a new form with the help of another creative vision. 

As a brand, we desire to share our patented designs with like-minded businesses that are looking to bring their brand aesthetic and community to the travel space. From colour, to logo, and beyond, we plan to collaborate and work with the brands that you love.

So that together, we can travel even further.


Finding beautiful friction

There is a real friction in our look and feel. A friction between the masculine and the feminine, the old and the new, the subtle and the sexy. This play on the extremes can be found in our brand aesthetic - a modern logo paired with vintage typography. It also very clearly informs the design, materials and colours that make up our products. 

Heavily influenced by luxury of the past, AIDAN has a real thing for logos, insignia and hardware. We don’t have a history just yet, so we are designing our heritage from scratch. Our signature print has been designed with heritage in mind. It is memorable, colour flexible and something we know we will keep coming back to time and time again.


Designed to go the distance

We designed our products in a New York state of mind. Hailing from down-under, and drawing inspiration from travels abroad, AIDAN was first conceptualised in the iconic location that is New York City. It was a photography class that delved into capturing the way that light hits different elements that gave AIDAN’s first range of  suitcases their sexy streamlined ridges. And it was institutions like SOHO House that AIDAN could first see his range of travel products fitting seamlessly within. 

Beautiful engineering and design takes time. Travelling the world to find the right materials, elements and manufacturers, AIDAN invested energy and creativity in the design process all while ensuring that the end-result would remain aligned with the brand’s mission to make luxury more affordable. 

Designed to go the distance.